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For many, it’s a lifelong dream to visit Israel.

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The Holy Land is not only the cradle of monotheistic religion, but also a corner of the world full of natural and unique beauty and wonder. Visiting it can and should be the experience of a lifetime. Holy Land Private Tours specializes in shaping your tour of the land to truly fit you and give you that outstanding experience.

Our scheduling is uniquely tailored to fit your needs as you come to see the Holy Land through Israel travel guide. Any and all sites you have in mind will be featured prominently in the tour and if you have any time constraints or personal requests, we’ll offer the kind of flexibility that will perfectly match your needs. Together we can enjoy all the richness that this land has to offer in a format perfectly suiting your requirements.

InMosaic of the Lamp, Good Samaritan Museum, Israel order to ensure the tour is as pleasurable for you as possible, and that no site you might be interested in is neglected, we offer highly organized itineraries for the most popular sites in the country. These include anywhere from the Old City of Jerusalem to the northern paradise of the Golan Heights and everything in between. Our purpose is to allow you to relax and be able to truly absorb all that this amazing land has to offer. Naturally, these pre-structured itineraries can serve as the basis for a more personalized tour, contoured to fit your specific needs.

We, at Holy Land Private Tours, believe it is our duty to look after your satisfaction and to make your stay in the Holy Land as memorable and as rewarding as you wish it to be. Whether this visit is your first time in the country or your fiftieth time seeing during Israel holidays travel, we’ll make sure that your time here is one of discovery and excitement.

Jerusalem at the Madaba map We are at your disposal at all times, offering everything essential for your convenience: the tours are pre-planned, yet can be molded to fit your taste and all forms of requests are taken into consideration when planning your holidays trip in Israel. No one else can give you a similarly tailor-made, ideal Israel Holy land experience. With the dynamic tours we offer, we are certain that you will have had all that you wished for and more when you turned to Holy Land Private Tours.

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