Safed (Tzfat) and Tzippori Day Tour


Offering you a unique day trip which leaves from the port of Haifa, this excursion takes a look at two of the most fascinating spiritual centers in Northern Israel, dating back centuries upon centuries and touching upon periods of time that left their mark not only on this land's history, but also on worldwide faith.

We'll begin our visit at the innovative Tzippori National Park, which preserves and indeed brings to life this small, seemingly unimportant northern town which dates back over 4500 years and has remained a lively center of Jewish thought and spirituality all the way through the Roman period and well into Jesus' time.

It is the site where Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi, one of the great Jewish scholars of all time, had finalized the codification of the Mishnah, the very first written Jewish interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. The park also brings to light the town's importance as one of the most significant centers of mosaic art in the ancient Land of Israel and of restoration works in the modern state. Naturally, we'll be sure to visit the excavations and profoundly review the rich legacy from the Judean, Roman and Byzantine periods which Tzippori contains, including one of the oldest synagogues uncovered and a finely decorated Roman villa providing a rare insight into the daily life of a wealthy family back then.

Continuing from antiquity to the Middle Ages and their contributions to the evolution of religious thinking and practice, we'll continue our tour at the city of Safed.

Here we'll be getting to know another of the four cities deemed as sacred to Judaism (along with Jerusalem, Haifa and Tiberias) thanks to its serving continuously, since biblical times and up to this very day, as a Jewish center for study, thought and spiritual renovation. This is the cradle of the Lurian mystical fraction of Judaism which has come to be known as Kabbalah. This is a branch of Jewish mysticism conceived back in the 16th century by Rabbi Isaac Luria, who is traditionally attributed with authoring the seminal book about Kabbalah, the Zohar.

A stroll along the Old City alleys will allow us to observe its many unusual synagogues, as well as the picturesque and renowned Artists' Colony. We'll have a closer view at the ancient Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi and the Abuhav synagogues. Ending our journey leisurely, there will be free time for all at the Artists' Colony, allowing a fuller appreciation of this charming neighborhood.




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