The Bar-Bat Mitzvah Thrill


This ancient Jewish coming of age ceremony is given a whole new meaning for the celebrating young man or woman and their family and friends when it is carried out in Israel, the very same land where it originated from.

This is where the bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies first evolved and took shape as a young nation also made its first steps in crafting its own identity and destiny which will follow it throughout the ages and the world.

Your son or daughter celebrating their passage from childhood to adulthood in the land of your forefathers completes this symbolical circle and it is for this reason that it's important to us to make that day as meaningful, memorable and moving as possible for all of you.

Whatever your preferences are, wherever and however you want the celebration to happen, we will make sure that it will be all that you wanted it to be, if not more.


Whichever form you prefer the bar or bat mitzvah tour will take, we will help you put together a schedule that perfectly suits all your wants, needs and hopes to capture this moment in time in all its outstanding importance and joy. The tour can take on any emphasis that you would like it to, whether from the following options offered here for your convenience, or something else entirely, simply get in touch and you will be offered the very best possibilities to make all your dreams come true.        

In my bar and bat mitzvah tours, the emphasis is places on these three main aspects: Fun – your time in Israel should be a fun experience for your kids and yourselves, making sure you all don't miss out on any of the classic, must see sites the country has to offer, while simply having the time of your lives together. With the bar or bat mitzvah celebration making for the climax of your journey, we know precisely how to make this happen, emphasizing the experiential side of the tour for you.      

Family – this tour has been a long time coming, the quality time together that the entire family needs and deserves, so we will make sure that your trip emphasizes this in each site and activity planned, making sure that your visit here is one you will always cherish as the best family vacation ever, with a bar or bat mitzvah celebration epitomizing the familial togetherness.      




Heritage – you would probably like to see your children endowed with a further, deeper understanding of the Jewish People’s history and legacy, that they be touched by a sense of Zionism and a love for the State, the Land and the People of Israel. We therefore build this journey of a life time with an emphasis on forging an unbreakable link between all of you and everything that Israel is and has to offer, both in the present and in getting to know our past and how it is reflected in us.   A bar/bat Mitzvah trip is not just another vacation. It is a journey that can give you, your family and the celebrant a memory you'll cherish for years to come.  



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