The Jewish Experience

Your trip to the land of Israel is the journey of a lifetime and we at Holy Land Private Tours aim to make sure that it lives up to all of your expectations and much more!

As ancient as it is, this land still overflows with new discoveries, all awaiting your exploration. There is always something new to experience and whether it’s your first time in Israel or the twentieth, the excitement of visiting the Promised Land never fades.

At the core of this feeling lies the impossibility of forgetting the first time you could make real, unmediated contact with ancient Jewish history through such invaluable opportunities as connecting with the stones of the Western Wall, the last tangible remains of the second temple period.

While the land of Israel has developed great importance for all three of the main monotheistic religions, as well as for many minorities who call it home, the children of Israel have always had a unique connection to this land which has lasted for over 3800 years.

This bond had begun as early on as Abraham's discovery of God and has existed within the nation of Israel ever since, no matter how far across the globe it has been spread.

As we travel the country together, we will observe what has sustained this bond to the land and try to investigate why the Jewish people and other groups place such importance on the Holy Land. By tracing its rich history all the way from the days of the three forefathers up to the present, we’ll hopefully all get a better understanding of how this long-standing mystery could come about.


In order to obtain the full answer to this multi-dimensional question,we’ll thoroughly survey all aspects of Israel.

We’ll naturally emphasize the Jewish parts of Israel's history and culture, yet we'll also be sure to get an eclectic view of the country so we can fully appreciate all it has to offer.

This will all be accomplished with your approval: as the boss of the private tour, you’re the one in charge of deciding what we focus on and what you’re most interested in seeing and together we’ll build the best tour you could ever want, choosing the sites that most appeal to you and making sure the schedule fits your needs perfectly.

So many opportunities exist within Israel to meaningfully connect and all are simply waiting for you to take the first step and we hope to be the first to welcome you on the adventure of a lifetime...


For your convenience and in order to help you best plan your trip, I have prepared for you a couple of sample Itineraries with a Jewish emphasis.





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