Welcome to Israel

The Holy Land is the cradle of monotheistic religion, and a unique corner of the world full of natural beauty and wonder. This exotic land combines both the ancient and the contemporary, in the form of modern Israel. Visit this exotic land for the experience of a lifetime.

A private tour guide will enable you to truly experience all of Israel's wonders. The country is best viewed through a local lens. A private tour guide can help to gain an inside view.

Your Israel tour guide shapes your tour to your specific needs. For that truly outstanding experience, join us on the best guided tours. Israel welcomes you! Shalom, my friend.

Scheduling is uniquely tailored to your needs. Your Israel private tour guide incorporates each and every desired site, featured prominently in your tour. Your guide is considerate of both personal requests and time constraints. Israel in all its wonder – this is the specialty of Holy Land Private Tours!

We offer highly organized itineraries for the most popular sites in the country, coupled with a flexibility that will perfectly match your needs.

Where to go

Your route can include any locale from the Old City of Jerusalem to the northern paradise of the Golan Heights. Travel to the Dead Sea, as far south as the Negev and the Ramon Crater, and reach any spot in between. We take care of all details for your ease and pleasure. You are free to truly absorb everything this amazing land has to offer. We offer pre-structured itineraries as a basis for more personalized, tailor made tours, contoured to your specific needs. We can incorporate your personal choice of subject matter, such religion, archeology and politics, to enrich your knowledge of the region.

No one else can give you a similarly tailor-made, ideal Israel Holy land experience. We are certain that our dynamic tours will fulfil and exceed anything you wished for when you turned to Holy Land Private Tours.

Welcome to Israel, my friend.

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